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3D Advanced Technologies (3DAT) is offering a diverse technology convergence of Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Materials for advanced Photonics Sensor Product Development (Photodetector, Phototransistor), and Microelectronics Component Product Design (BJT), Product Development, Device Design, Mask Design, Manufacturing Process Flow Mapping and Process Recipes with Full Specs compliant with MIL Stds and 6-S methodology, Project Engineering Management for New Product Introduction (NPI), Foundry Supply Chain Subcontratct Services for High Reliability MIL/Aerospace and Rad Hard Commercial Photonic, Optoelectronics, and Microelectronic discrete devices, including Program Management for Fabless Rapid Prototyping & Pilot-Line Manufacturing, while also offering Subcontract Services for Ion Implantation, PECVD Low Stress Si3N4, Sputtering & eBeam Metallization, and Laser Direct Write Mask Making.